Allura Red


16035Food red-17F D & C RED 40E12925956-17-6
Total coloring matters calculated as the sodium salt, percent by mass. (Min)85.0
Loss on drying at 135 °C, Percent by mass and chlorides & Sulphates express as sodium salts, percent by mass (Max)15.0
Water insoluble matter, percent by mass. (Max)0.20
Combined ether extract, percent by mass. (Max)0.20
Unsulphonated Primary aromatic amines, percent by mass (Max)0.01
Subsidiary dyes, percent by mass. (Max)3.00
Total organic compound other than coloring matter, percent by mass (Max)
6-hydroxy-2-naphthalene sulfonic acid, sodium salt
4-amino-5-methoxy-2-methylbenezene sulfonic acid
6,6-oxybis(2-naphthalene sulfonic acid) disodium salt
0.30 0.20 1.00
Arsenic (mg/kg.) (Max)3.00
Lead (mg/kg.) (Max)2.00
Mercury (mg/kg.) (Max)1.00
Cadmium (mg/kg.) (Max)1.00

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