Caramel Type III Beer Grade


E No.E – 150c
ColourLight to dark reddish brown depending on the product . Products and the quantity used.
ConsistencyFree Flowing Liquid
Specific Gravity1.30
Colour Strength0.27 at OD 540 nm Dilution 1:1000
PH5.0 + 0.5
SolubilityCan be added directly to Food Products containing. A water phase
Ash Contents1.5%
Arsenic1 ppm
Lead1 ppm
StorageProtect from exposure to air, light & heat, Don’t freeze
Packing1 / 6 /25/ 45 Kg in natural/blue jerry canes
Shelf L ife1 year
ApplicationBeer , , Liquor, Confectionery, , Sauces, Soups, Pudding , Baby Foods, Industries etc.

Pack Size Available in

1 Kg6 Kg25 Kgs45 Kgs
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