Annatto Water Soluble ( 1.5% Nor – Bixin)


E No.E-160b
AppearanceYellow to Orange d epending upon the    Food Products c ontaining a water base.
Specific Gravity2.8 to 3.0
SolubilityStir before use, can be added      directly to product containing w ater base.
Specific Gravity1.0 to 1.02
Colour Pigment1.5% – 2.0%
Colour StrengthOD at 453 nm = 0.24 on Spe     ctrophotometer
Dilution1:10000 in 2.5% KOH
Copper< 1 ppm
Arsenic< 1 ppm
Lead< 1 ppm
Heavy Metal< 1 ppm
StorageProtect from exposure to air, light & heat, Don’t freeze
Packing1 / 5 /25 Kgs in natural/blue jerry canes
Shelf L ife6 months   from date of manufacturing
ApplicationMargarine, Salad dressing, Bakery Products etc.

Pack Size Available in

1 Kg6 Kg25 Kgs45 Kgs
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