Paprika Colour Water Soluble 40,000 i.u.


EEC NOE – 160 c
AppearancePale Pinkish Yellow to deep Orange depending on the food Products and quantity used. The colour is darkest   at pH 4.6.
SolubilityStir before use. Can be added directly to product with fat base. But it is recommended to mix the colour with a small portion of the preparation before adding it to product.
ConsistencyFree flowing Liquid
Specific Gravity0.93
Colour Strength0.288 -0.318 at OD 462 nm Dilution 1:1,00,000 in acetone
ApprovalThis product is in full compliance with the directive of PFA, FDA & BIS
StorageProtect from exposure to air, light & heat, Don’t freeze
Packing1 / 5 /25 Kgs in natural /blue jerry canes
Shelf Life6 months   from date of manufacturing
ApplicationMeat Product, Sausages, Snacks, Sauces

Pack Size Available in

1 Kg6 Kg25 Kgs45 Kgs
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