Red Beet Root Powder  (0.3% to 0.45     Betanine)


E No.E-162
AppearanceRed to Purple depending on the Food Products And the quantity used.
StabilityStable at between pH 3.5 to 7.0 and gets little darker Below And above these pH values.
Density0.65 to 0.75
Colour StrengthOD at 537mm = 0.34     – 0.37
Dilution1:1,000 in 0.1 M Citric acid
Copper5 ppm Maximum
Arsenic1 ppm
Lead1 ppm
Heavy Metal1 ppm
E-Coli & SalmonellaNil
Total plate Count<10000
StorageProtect from exposure to air, light and heat. Do not Freeze.
Packing1 / 5 /25 Kgs in natural/blue jerry canes
Shelf Life6 months   from date of manufacturing
ApplicationConfectionery, Sou ps, Dairy Prod ucts, Sauces, Instant, Deserts,       Ice -Creams etc

Pack Size Available in

1 Kg6 Kg25 Kgs45 Kgs
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