Curcumin  Colour


E No.E-100
ShadeYellow to greenish yellow depending upon the Food Products And quantity used. The colour turns lighter at raising pH.
ConsistencyFree flowing powder
Specific Gravity0.7
Colour StrengthOD at 420 nm = 0.56 on Spectrophotometer Dilution 1:20000 in chloroform
SolubilityCan be added directly to the food product preferably at the Endo of the process
Copper3 ppm
Lead2 ppm
Heavy MetalPasses as per P. F. A. & F. D. A.
Packing1 / 5 /25 Kgs in natural/blue jerry canes
Shelf Life6 months   from date of manufacturing
ApplicationMargarine, Butter, Salad dressing, Bakery Products, Desert, Soft Drinks, Sauces, Canned food, Wrapped Confectionary etc.

Pack Size Available in

1 Kg6 Kg25 Kgs45 Kgs
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